SharePoint Business Intelligence and Connectivity

SharePoint business intelligence / business intelligence center sharepoint online is a one stop shop for your end users by presenting and interfacing all line of business application data.

A Common Scenario

A business currently has a home-grown system that they use. The interface has gotten outdated, but the information interfaced is still valuable to the organization and its employees. All the data is stored in databases (either SQL, Oracle, DB2 etc.). The question now is whether to build another home grown system from scratch?

SharePoint Business Intelligence

A Solution

Use SharePoint as the main presentation layer that interfaces data from various sources in the organization. Office workers don’t have to remember which application to use for which purpose. SharePoint Business Intelligence is a one stop shop for your end users by presenting and interfacing all line of business application data (such as SAP, Siebel, custom databases).

What SharePoint Business Intelligence Can Connect?

  • Databases with existing ODBC / OLEDB / OData or other .NET based drivers, e.g. SQL Server, SQL Azure, Oracle, IBM DB2, Informix, AS/400, MySQL and many more.
  • Files like Microsoft Office Excel, Access, XML, CSV or other text files.
  • Applications like Exchange, Active Directory, SharePoint, etc.
  • ERP / CRM / DMS / CMS systems like Navision, SAP, MS Dynamics, etc.
  • Cloud-based systems like Salesforce, SharePoint Online, Office 365, CRM Online, Google, Twitter, Facebook, RSS or other XML-based web requests

Solutions using SharePoint are Faster Than Recoding Your Line of Business Application

  • We can link your accounting customer account numbers (and more)
  • A SharePoint solution is faster and more flexible that traditional methods.

No Code Connectivity to External Data Sources

  • Easily integrate external data on client and server.

SharePoint Business Intelligence

Search External Data with SharePoint Business Intelligence

  • Leverage the power of SharePoint search
  • Highly customizable
  • Can build custom search-driven applications
  • Tailor different results and refinement options based on the profile of the user or audience

The ability to synchronize these libraries and lists can help you become more efficient, especially if you work offline or don’t have convenient access to your SharePoint sites all the time

Connect to external data — in both read and write mode!

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