SharePoint Employee Expense Reimbursement

Save time managing your expenses with our easy to use SharePoint employee expense reimbursement solution. Managing expenses becomes a streamlined and paperless process.

SharePoint Employee Expense Reimbursement

Eliminate the hidden costs associated with legacy expense management solutions. By stripping out the manual elements of SharePoint employee expense reimbursement we significantly reduce the time needed managing expenses. Less time = greater savings. With Cubic’s expense reimbursement application, you can increase your employees’ productivity, take control of business expenses and move to paperless expense reports.

One of the most compelling elements of modern SaaS SharePoint employee expense reimbursement solutions is that the return on investment is considerable specially our integration of this app with SharePoint and Office 365.

Expense Reimbursement Application is a SharePoint / Office 365 based employee SharePoint employee expense reimbursement system that completely streamlines the entire expense report life cycle. It is designed for any size company. If you have employees who need to create expense reports then this system is definitely suitable for your company.

It saves time, your company will save money, and your employees will love it.


  • Delivers Strong ROI Benefits Access Real-Time Data Easy to Roll Out World Class Support.
  • Easy to roll out : It sits on your Office 365 / SharePoint, virtually there is no major software deployments to worry about, and save for customised requirements the application is up and running in no time.
  • Finance teams, approvers and controllers have access to all expenses in real time, wherever they are based. Faster approvals means faster reimbursement, and happier employees.
  • Accessing expense data in real time also helps with everything from budgeting, to cash planning, to fraud detection.
  • Aggregating data in an easily digestible format helps administrators to act more strategically. The focus moves from managing the process, to providing added value from insights.
  • Integrated with your Office 365 to fetch all the users, their managers, finance team etc.
  • No need to create additional authentication or create user list.
  • Expense reimbursement application goes where you go. Using the expense reimbursement on mobile as it is responsive and easy to use. Multi-Currency System
  • Ability to select different currency for each report and multiple currency in single expense report.
  • Paper less reporting, now you can attach all the invoices, receipts, bills with each line item.
  • Approval workflow capable of single or multi- approver environments requirements. Approve and Decline at the line item or whole report level.
  • Analyse corporate spending with over rich on-screen analysis reports with over various reporting filters. Drill down from company to department, to employee in seconds.

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