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Cubic Logics provides Office 365 Apps  based on Office 365 infrastructure Leave Management, Expense reimbursement, Asset tracker & IT help desk, Resource Manager, Meeting Management apps with no need to have excel sheets & third party apps to run HR functions & LOB applications.

Office 365 Apps

All these Office 365 Apps / SharePoint apps can be easily installed either on Microsoft cloud based Office 365 or your private cloud based SharePoint, further it integrate well with Office 365 auth or your active directory to provide seamless single password experience to access these apps.

To know more about these Office 365 Apps, please visit any of the following application information pages

SharePoint Asset Management
Accurate asset tracking saves time, money and effort. Cubic’s Asset Tracking for SharePoint / Office 365 delivers an efficient solution.

SharePoint Employee Directory
Employee Directory app / add ins displays information about employee in the organization in visually manner and allows you to find any user in just few seconds, with various filters to select, departments, skills, Job title, manager, location, etc.

SharePoint Resource Booking
Resource booking is one of the great office 365 apps which provides you the booking feature for shared resources i.e. conference rooms, meeting rooms, projectors, cabs, guest house rooms, etc.

SharePoint Expense Reimbursement
Expense Reimbursement Application is a SharePoint / Office 365 based employee expense reporting system that completely streamlines the entire expense report life cycle.

SharePoint Leave Management System
Cubic’s leave management solution on cloud is a highly configurable and can address leave management needs of any organisation, be it small or big.

SharePoint Meeting Workspace
Microsoft decided to deprecate Meeting Workspaces in SharePoint 2013. These handy site templates are still widely used in SharePoint 2010 (SP2010).With various requests from clients, Cubic decided to create the same experience in Office 365 as Office 365 apps, SharePoint 2016 & SharePoint 2010.