Office 365 Leave Management System/ TimeOff Manager

As a competitive organisation, you need a reliable Office 365 leave management system /TimeOff Manager / sharepoint time tracking app to manage employee absence, calculate leave accruals and make payments accurately. Cubic’s SharePoint Office 365 leave management / TimeOff Manager solution on cloud is a highly configurable and can address leave management needs of any organisation, be it small or big. It can also easily be integrated with other Cubic cloud solutions such as payroll on cloud and time and attendance system. Office 365 leave management system does not require additional infrastructure.

Office 365 Leave Management System

Business Apps with Manage leave requests

Cubic’s SharePoint leave Office 365 management system has an intuitive UI for managers or HR to manage leaves applied by employees. A multi-level approval feature makes sure all the managers and HR personals stationed in various places get email alerts for the pending leave applications.

Business Apps with Holiday calendar

Organisations may have multiple centers across the country. In addition to having pre-configured holidays specific to particular states, HR also has the option to add, modify or delete holidays specific to their organization needs.

Business Apps with Work week calendar

The on cloud solution offers the flexibility to set work week for a specific employee group and period.

Business Apps with Detailed leave reports

You can generate detailed reports with information such as :

  • History of leaves taken
  • Eligible leave types allocated for different employee groups
  • Eligible leaves already taken by employees

Business Apps with Configure leave settings

Your company’s unique leave structure can be configured and stored with special options such as leave accrual or encashment, prefix, suffix or pro-rata leave allocation. Employees can now be sure of the company’s leave policy through this system and can monitor and request the leave they are allocated.

Business Apps with Mobile access

Access Cubic’s SharePoint leave management on cloud anywhere, anytime either via your mobile, laptop or personal computer. You can also be rest assured that your employee information is secure and confidential.

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