SharePoint Asset Tracking & Management

With SharePoint asset management / SharePoint asset trackin app, you can enhance productivity and save cost together.

Keeping record / inventory of IT asset & physical asset records current is a challenge. But if you don’t, you could be losing money, spending more than you need to, or using staff for record-keeping and research when they could be deployed more productively.

SharePoint Asset Management App

Missing inventory or un-allocated inventory could make your investment of no use. You could be duplicating equipment, buying again or spending money on maintenance agreements for equipment which are not in use. Equipment warranty, contract, lease and maintenance information isn’t readily available.

Cubic’s SharePoint asset management / SharePoint asset tracking delivers an efficient solution. Built on the SharePoint platform and fully integrated with Office 365 and linked with employees and departments helps in actual owner and track equipment’s within couple of clicks

  • Track location, owner, status and more.
  • Check in / Checkout.
  • Asset’s life time history.
  • Track Software Licenses.
  • Alerts and Notifications.
  • Alerts on contract renewals, and more.
  • Link to Warranties, Manuals, etc.
  • Vendor & Purchase details,
  • Reports and Dashboard.
  • Unutilized assets.
  • Bar codes and QR codes.
  • In-Active & Expired Assets.
More Features

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