Cubic Logics India Pvt Ltd- Business: Adding more value to Office 365

Mr. Manoj kumar

Technology has become a necessary part of the modern business. With this change, organizations are burdened by the need to maintain on-premise applications while managing the overheads of infrastructure supporting these applications piles up. This is true especially for small and medium businesses (SMBs) that have migrated their messaging services to cloud using Office 365 or Google Apps but other business applications remain strictly on-premise. Cubic Logics India Pvt Ltd. comes out as a savior for the organizations with a focus on providing applications tightly integrated with Office 365 including single sign-on (SSO).

“We are fully aligned with Microsoft’s vision of “Cloud Services” and have included wide range of applications based on Office 365 SharePoint so that our clients can squeeze the benefits of their Office 365 subscription by using the same infrastructure without any additional cost,” delineates Manoj Kumar, CEO of Cubic Logics “Our services and solutions are designed to improve efficiency of the organizations by optimizing cost, performance, and letting professionals to focus on their core business strengths.” Solutions furnished by Cubic are SSO enabled with their client’s mail server hence there is no need to maintain additional authentication system, and employees get benefits of not remembering one more password. Moreover, the expertise in Microsoft Technologies that flourishes in Cubic gives the company a very distinct advantage over its competitors.

Cubic, comes with its inhouse talents, developed standard, ready to use modules. These modules have been developed by the development team during the last 12 years. “The modules help our clients in getting applications ready in shorter duration which cuts their readiness time and reduces their development cost too,” explains Kumar. In addition to this, the SharePoint web application developed by the .NET and SharePoint experts at Cubic gives centralized control to client’s of their web application with the speed and user experience of a desktop application. Such custom development of business applications are then bundled with Office 365. “Our partnership with Microsoft is unique in the manner that no other Microsoft Cloud Solution partner is aligned to provide Office 365 business applications along with Office 365 subscription as a bundled offer,” states Manoj Kumar.

An example of Cubic’s ability to provide valuable custom products is Indegene Inc. Indegene is a leading provider of clinical, commercial, and marketing solutions to global life science and health care organizations. “Indegene shared their difficulty of searching and finding content from their repositories,” recalls Kumar, “Their search criteria and terms were wider than Google search.” Cubic helped in developing search engine and Content Management Solution based out of SharePoint. The Cubic Team also helped in developing and implementing new algorithm and various search criteria. “New search application increased Indegene’s productivity by reducing their search time which has a cascading impact on further deliveries,” says Kumar.

By offering such unique solutions, Cubic has created a niche for itself in the domain the company serves its clients. “Till 2010 – 2011, we focused on providing Microsoft solutions and infrastructure services like Hosted Exchange, Hosted SharePoint and Lync,” states Kumar. “With the arrival of Office 365, we alignedwith the global vision of cloud computing and developed much needed line of business applications.” The future holds lot of promises for Cubic as they look forward to expand their reach to a much wider audience. The company is aiming to open five new office locations globally. The expansion will bring in the necessary thrust to develop and offer the complete portfolio of business applications in the coming two years.

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