Cubic Launches CubeDrive – Enterprise Alternative for Dropbox.

Cubic logics cubicdriveMany of business customers are now faced with the Dropbox problem. The employees of the business are using Dropbox on their own to back up some local folders and make them easy to access from over the Internet. However, from business perspective, it is not good knowing that company documents may be scattered on multiple PCs and in different places, creating liabilities for regulatory obligations and leakage of business confidential documents.

Many of them are looking for an answer. Since we manage important IT infrastructure for the customer, few of our customer asked it would be great if we could host either in our data center or in their infrastructure and manage a drop box-like service for your business customers or for employees in your own company.

Cubic Solution CubeDrive

Cubic Cloud solutions provides a solution for the problem above which is called Cube Drive. First it enables the customer with the choice to install completely on-premise or inside our data center. Second, it can be integrated with the file server storage, SAN storage or NAS storage with following benefits.

See how CubeDrive solves the Dropbox Problem

Only CubeDrive combines the simplicity of Dropbox with the management and security of enterprise-grade software. CubeDrive is flexible, open and extensible and uses onpremise storage to put file sync and share control back into the hands of IT.

CubeDrive integrates seamlessly into existing user directories, governance, security, monitoring, storage and back-up tools — becoming part of the existing infrastructure. And because CubeDrive is easy to use, plug-in apps exist to extend CubeDrive out of the box, enabling LDAP/AD integration, file versioning, file sharing, external file system mounts and much more. If an application or capability needed is not there, simply create a new application plug-in and add it to the CubeDrive server.